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Stevia In The Raw

Anita Loves Stevia!

by Anita
(Lufkin, Texas, USA)

I use stevia and love it. It is quite obvious that it is more profitable to make Stevia a villan and make the real villan Aspertame and the like, a saint.

It is absolutley disgusting how the fda, the media and so many others can be bought off while people (and even animal's) health is severly effected by poisons such as aspertame, high fructose corn syrup, msg and gmo foods all in the name of profit and greed !

I mean you can't even buy gum in a grocery store without aspertame in it, it use to be an alternative to sugar now sugar is the alternative to aspertame and really you can't find as much with sugar in as you can with the poison aspertame.

Until people start caring enough to do some research and stand up for our rights to have healthy products to consume it's gonna keep getting worse !!!

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