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Beginning signs of diabetes: warning signs to consider

If you're wondering whether you're showing beginning signs of diabetes, it's always best to see a doctor. In fact, it won't hurt (well okay, maybe just a little) to have your blood examined on an annual basis altogether. 

Type 2 diabetes is hard to diagnose without monitoring glucose levels because diabetes warning signs can be mild at first and very general in nature. Very often, the disease is discovered accidentally when a patient comes to see his or her doctor for another illness. It's advised to contact your physician when you're experiencing several of the following warning signs: 

  • Urinating more than you would normally do:
Because the blood sugar level is too high, the kidneys will produce more urine to try and get rid of superfluous glucose. You will probably have to get up out of bed once or more per night to go to the bathroom.   
  • Feeling excessively thirsty:
Because you're urinating a lot, you're losing a lot of fluids and your body will feel like it needs to compensate for that. This can also manifest itself in the form of a dry mouth and tongue. Be sure to drink a lot of water and avoid alcoholic beverages, so that you don't dehydrate.
  • Feeling excessively hungry:
Because insulin levels in the brain are too low, it won't be able to absorb glucose sufficiently. The brain will think it is undernourished and send out a distress signal. You will feel cravings even though your food intake is normal. Just because you feel hungry, doesn't mean that you are hungry! Stevia can help you control these cravings! 
  • Feeling very tired, dizzy or listless:
Even when you're not exerting yourself, you will feel very tired because the glucose in your body isn't being turned into energy. Dizziness can occur because of the effect on your blood pressure levels.  
  • Unexplained weight changes:
Even though your eating patterns are the same as they always were, you're either losing weight because your body is shedding glucose, or you're gaining weight because the glucose is being turned into body fat.   
  • Recurring infections:
When you start having frequent boils on your skin, aphthae on your gums, or your genital area or bladder are overly sensitive to infection, this might also be beginning signs of diabetes. Stevia can be used to treat skin infections!  
  • Numbness and bad healing of cuts:
Tingly sensations or numbness, especially in the nerves of your hands and feet, will prevent you from feeling pain caused by cuts or bruises. On top of that, cuts will fail to scar and heal properly. Stevia will help your cuts to scar quickly!  
  • Impaired vision:
Diabetes can cause blurry vision and even temporary blindness because of increased fragility of the optic nerves or retina. Eye infections and redness or swelling around the eyes may also occur.  
  • Impotence:
Since the genital nerves and blood vessels are very sensitive, erectile dysfunctions may be one of the many diabetes warning signs.


As mentioned before, most of these are very general symptoms and don't necessarily point to beginning signs of diabetes. But you might also notice that some of the benefits of stevia might restore balance to some of these problems. Please consult your dietician or doctor to discuss how stevia might be able to help you!


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