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Stevia In The Raw

Health benefits of stevia and its positive side effects

There are countless benefits of stevia. The sweet leaf herb has been used for curing various ailments in South America for generations. Indegenous tribes, especially in Paraguay, have been linking diabetes and stevia in the battle against diabetes. They use stevia leaves and pills with extract to lower blood sugar levels in people who are suffering from the disease. It does not lower blood sugar levels in healthy people though. Furthermore, stevia scores a perfect zero on the glycemic index chart and causes no intolerance in diabetics.

A stevia poultice can be used for treating cuts, sun burns, rashes, and other skin conditions such as acne or eczema, and it is even said to make wrinkles vanish! On an open cut it may sting at first, much like iodine, but only for a minute or so. Stevia will penetrate the cut, heal it fast, and won't leave a scar.

Small scale experiments have shown that the intake of stevioside capsules lowers blood pressure in people suffering from hypertension. Further evidence is still needed to conclusively support this theory though.

benefits of steviaStevia has zero calories and is therefore ideal for people suffering from obesity. The sweet leaf can be used to prepare some great sugar free recipes and suppresses cravings and the need to eat. Many people find it easier to give up smoking because of this.

 Need more reasons to become sugar free in your healthy food diet? After eating sugar, a sticky layer of proteins is attached to the teeth, forming plaque. Stevia's glycosides have been proven to be good for your teeth, battling tooth decay, eliminating plaque and cavities, battling aphthae, and strengthening your gums. Some toothpastes already contain stevia!

Some other health benefits of stevia include:

  • It's good for your digestive system, curbing candidiasis
  • It inhibits the growth of all sorts of bacteria
  • It helps with an upset stomach, soothing acidity
  • Washing your hair with stevia extract prevents dandruff
  • It increases energy levels and promotes an overall feeling of well-being.


The list just goes on and on, and it is certainly not exhaustive! Stevia really is a miraculous little plant, but if you still have doubts, it can't hurt to consult your physician for more advice.


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