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What is your favorite stevia brand?
Pick one:
Stevia In The Raw

Big bucks

by diane kay taylor
(waukegan Il Lake)

Folks are afraid of loosing their hold on the USA inhabitants. The people of the US are totally controlled by the media. They're brainwashed into believing that what is televised or printed here in the states is true, real, honest, helpful, insightful and so forth.

The top dogs who are pocketing the average Joe's dollars has him running in circles chasing the "American Dream".

Our pattern...consuming = $$ for the big dogs = debt/poor health/ addition for us = paying higher interest rates/loss prized possessions/ diminished sense of power /freedom compromised poor us = decline in mental and physical health = medical care $$/ over weight = diets, diets = spending on cloths diet books and programs = more tv greater influences by the man = more of the same....public assistance

solution - stevia, pbs, thrift store, natural care/cleaning products / car pools, walking, bike riding, saving, helping, commitments / discipline, simple foods, reading, knowledge seeking, awareness, sisterhood, community... freedom.

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