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Stevia In The Raw

Where to buy stevia: the different forms and brands

There are many different forms in which you can buy stevia, depending on the type of food you're looking to sweeten. Here is a description of all the forms the sweet leaf is sold in, along with an overview of the most established brands out there. Let us assist in finding the best stevia for you!

Pure White Stevia Extract Powder


White stevia powder can be up to 300 times sweeter than regular sugar. Initially, a lot of brands used to sell powder based on stevioside, which as we already know, is stevia's main glycoside. The only disadvantage in that, is that stevioside can have a bitter aftertaste that not everyone is fond of.

With the discovery of rebaudioside A however, a lot of stevia manufacturers were able to develop new ways of making stevia without the bitter aftertaste. Since the powder is so potent, you will only need a teaspoon or two in order to replace the amount of sucrose for your favorite sugar free recipes.

Here are sugarfreestevia's top three choices for buying the best white stevia powder:

1. NuNaturals Nustevia Pure White Stevia Extract

 Why is this our top choice? 

powder01This pure powder has a larger percentage of glycosides and is thus more potent in this category than other stevia brands, such as KAL. The flavor is mellow and the product does not have a bitter aftertaste, although the taste can be overpoweringly sweet when more than the correct quantity is used. This is a great all-round product that can be used in baking as well as in beverages, thanks to its solubility.

There are a few slight drawbacks, in that there is no scoop or spoon included in the product, and that the packaging is slightly deceptive to the eye: the 1oz (28gr) bottle seems large but is only about 40% full. This may not be a big deal for some, but we felt it was important to note nonetheless.

As a last remark: if you buy the big 1lb (450gr) bottle, it might be incorrectly labeled to contain maltodextrin. We have confirmation straight from NuNaturals that this is indeed a labeling error, and that this product does NOT contain maltodextrin. NuStevia is a best-selling stevia product in many online stores, and gets a lot of great reviews from consumers and stevia specialists alike.

powder022. KAL Pure Stevia Extract

KAL pure stevia powder is ranked #1 on Amazon in its category. It’s organic, pure and has no added ingredients. 

The bottles contain slightly more powder than the NuNaturals ones: 3.5oz (100gr) as opposed to 1oz (28gr), with the price being around and about equal. The downside is that a slight bitter aftertaste is discernable if you use too much of the powder, which is why it just falls short of the top spot, although it is a close second. 

We have found that it dissolves well in both hot and cold liquids, and that it is best used in coffee. Another bonus is that a small scoop is included for aiding measurement.

powder033. SweetLeaf Stevia Extract

The SweetLeaf pure stevia extract has a kosher certification and, like the others, contains no fillers. No scoop or spoon is included and again, there is a slight bitter aftertaste if too much of the powder is used. 

We have found that the powder tends to get lumpy after a while and does not dissolve all too well. Nevertheless, it’s all about personal preference, and while this product might not work for some, there are others that still swear by it and laud its taste.

Liquid Stevia Extract

Liquid stevia extract is a very popular choice among stevia lovers. It's not as concentrated as the white powder, and often additional flavors are added to the liquid, such as chocolate, vanilla, raspberry and so on. Stevia liquid is sold in convenient dropper bottles and has a long shelf life. The products are easy to carry along with you in your purse whenever you go out to a restaurant and don't want to use the artificial sweeteners on offer there! Let's have a look at our top picks for liquid stevia extract:

1. Sweetleaf Clear Liquid Stevia

Why is this our top choice? 

liquid01SweetLeaf is known for its dominance in the liquid stevia category. Their products have the least licorice or bitter aftertaste of all the brands, and they also have the largest array of flavors for fruit sorbets, shakes, or other sugar free recipes. Some of them are vanilla, English toffee, chocolate, lemon drop, berry, hazelnut, Valencia orange, root beer, peppermint, grape, cinnamon and apricot nectar.

We have found that their clear liquid stevia works best in home-made lemonade, tea and – for some – in coffee and the milk for your breakfast cereal. Usually, a mere 4 to 8 drops are sufficient to successfully sweeten food or beverages.

No alcohol is used in the processing of this product: only grapefruit seed extract is used for preservation purposes. It dissolves well and doesn’t make your drinks cloudy.

2. NuNaturals Clear Stevia Liquid

liquid02A close second, NuNaturals clear stevia suffers from a slightly less convenient and consistent dripper on its glass bottles (not on the plastic ones though). But that’s just about the only drawback: NuNaturals has impressively expanded their flavor range and is SweetLeaf’s closest rival in the liquid category.

The greatest merit of this clear stevia, is that it’s the most potent of all the brands. It’s not syruppy and works well in yoghurt, recipes with fruit and various desserts. There is no bitter aftertaste and it has a mild flavor, although it must be said that this product contains alcohol and vegetable glycerine. 

NuNaturals also sells a liquid stevia variant without alcohol, if that’s a problem for you in any way. The liquid dissolves well without cloudiness and has a long shelf life.

3. NOW Organic Stevia Liquid

now liquid steviaNOW stevia liquid contains 11% alcohol, which ensures that the product can be kept at room temperature without any loss of quality – liquid stevia products that do not contain alcohol should always be stored in the refrigerator for optimal results.

The product packaging states that sedimentation may occur, although we personally did not detect any problems in this department. The biggest upside to buying NOW products, is that the brand is very cheap.

However, the liquid is less sweet than other brands, and overcompensating this by adding more leads to bitterness. Therefore, the NOW liquid stevia is not ideal for recipes that require a larger amount of sweetener. It is best used for sweetening beverages.

We also noticed the formation of a gummy residue on the bottle after a while, making the cap somewhat difficult to remove.

Stevia Packets

Suited for sugar free recipes as well as for sweetening beverages such as coffee and tea, most brands offer a range of granulated stevia. The problem with stevia packets is that they only contain a very small amount of stevia. The rest of the product is severely diluted with fillers - often sugar alcohols - in order to equal the strength of about 2-3 teaspoons of sugar per packet.

Most stevia packets are about 98% filler and 2% stevia extract. This means that there is a small amount of carbs and/or calories attached to this form of stevia. Be aware of this false advertising. For a pure stevia experience, try the white extract powders at the top of this page.

Nevertheless, stevia packets are still hands down the most popular form of stevia, according to our "favorite brand of stevia" poll. The top three brands that came up, all produce stevia packets almost exclusively. Here's what our visitors selected to be the best stevia brands for stevia packets:

1. Stevia Spoonable Stevia

Why is this our top choice?

packets01Stevita is the pioneer of stevia in the United States. The company, founded by Oscar Rodes back in 1988, was the first to introduce stevia on a large scale in the US, and many still swear by its products. Therefore, it’s no surprise that a majority of our visitors have voted for Stevita as their favorite brand in our poll.

We think that their best product is Stevita Spoonable, which is pretty potent: one packet equals about three packets of sugar. Erythritol is used as a filler in this product, which doesn’t clump but the aftertaste of Spoonable seems to be somewhat of a hit or miss. Some people like it, some don’t. We encourage you to try it out and tell us your findings!

2. Stevia In The Raw

packets02Stevia in the Raw is a close second in our website poll. The company only has two products: these packets, and a bulk "cup for cup" variant for recipes that require larger quantities of stevia.

It is less potent than Stevita Spoonable and needs about two packages to sweeten a normal-sized drink. The upside however, is that even in higher quantities, we concluded that Stevia in the Raw has the least aftertaste of all the brands in the packets category.

This product uses dextrose as a filler, which might turn some people off because it adds to the calorie count. Subsequently, the “raw” part of its name might be the subject of debate, albeit containing about ten times less calories than regular household sugar.

3. Truvia

packets03Truvia is Cargill’s infamous FDA approved stevia sweetener, which means that it can be found in just about every supermarket. It completes the top three of our poll and contains about 3 carbs per packet, because it uses erythritol as a filler. Be sure to keep this in mind when using Truvia in your sugar free recipes.

There is no bitter aftertaste, although the erythritol is clearly discernable and the product obviously doesn’t taste like regular sugar. That said, regular users will not have to worry about desensitizing to the product. Amazon is the only bulk seller of Truvia that we know of, and at a great price as well, which makes it worth checking out.

Stevia Tablets

Stevia tabs (or tablets) are another popular choice when sweetening both hot and cold beverages. They will leave a small residue at the bottom of your glass or cup after drinking. This residue is cellulose powder and although it might not look particularly appetizing, we can assure you it's completely harmless. It's simply used as a stabilizer, so that the tablets can keep their solid structure. 

Some brands have been reported to dissolve quite poorly. This seems to be a common problem with a lot of brands, but we have taken the time to select only the best stevia tabs for your convenience:

1. NuNaturals Nustevia Quick Dissolve Tabs

Why is this our top choice?

tabs01NuNaturals wins another category! Why? Well, because we have found that they produce the only tabs that dissolve consistently well in iced drinks, as well as in hot beverages. The tablets melt fast and thanks to their large size, they are dense and break into smaller pieces effortlessly

The bottle contains an adsorbent packet and a cotton ball inside, to prevent the tablets from moistening and clumping together, which we felt was a nice touch.

As with most of the NuNaturals products, their tablet range is also more potent than that of the competition, with one tablet equaling 2 lumps of sugar. For most people, just half a tablet will suffice for their everyday coffee, which effectively doubles this product’s value. This one’s a winner!

2. NOW Foods Better Stevia Instant Tabs

The NOW Foods brand has been around for over six decades, and in that time, they have built an outstanding relationship with their customers, based on their range of solid products. Many people swear by this brand, although it's not one of the big guns in the industry.

As we’ve said before, NOW consistently beats the competition’s prices time and time again. Unfortunately, this does seem to have its effect on product quality. The tablets have trouble dissolving in cold liquids and their taste is noticeably less potent.

As with liquids though, the bottles are convenient to take with you and we thought the pop-off lid was a nice bonus compared to NuNaturals’ screw top. The NOW tabs also contain chromium which helps to sustain your metabolism. Despite the fierce competition in this category, NOW thoroughly deserves its silver medal!

3. Sweetleaf SteviaTabs

tabs03The least potent of the stevia tabs, a SweetLeaf tablet is about equal to one teaspoon of sugar. The upsides are that the tabs are gluten and lactose free and that the bottle contains a dessicator packet to keep the moisture out.

That said, we have found that the tablets dissolve slower than other brands and do not dissolve well in cold beverages. If you’re fan of the SweetLeaf taste, you might not be bothered with this, but as a neutral spectator, it’s hard to be terribly impressed by this product.


Featured Product


The Stevia Baking Blend by NuNaturals does not really fit into any of the aforementioned categories. It is a one-of-a-kind product which can be used to substitute sugar cup for cup in your favorite stevia recipes.


blend01The MoreFiber Baking Blend is a rising star on the stevia market. It adds additional fiber to your stevia recipes, enhancing your cakes, pies, cookies, and other baked goods. It is also suited for making ice cream with stevia and it can be blended into your smoothies easily! Keep in mind that because this product contains fiber, it will absorb water. You will need to adjust your recipes, adding in an extra few tablespoons of liquid.

As its name suggests, it is ideal for baked goods recipes. Not only is the shelf life excellent, but the healthy fibers contained within the product are gentle and do not cause bloating. On the contrary: the increased fiber in your recipes will be good for your digestion.

The MoreFiber Blend helps moisturize whole wheat flour recipes, as well as reducing the need for fat, thanks to the fiber. It’s also a great choice for pie fillings because the fibers act as a gelling agent. One side note however: this product contains maltodextrin.

A quick word on where to buy stevia online: we personally use only two sources. They are Amazon and iHerb. Why? Because these sites have been offering herbs and supplements for over a decade and they are proven to be trusted sellers, receiving thousands of satisfied customers each day. Why do we use two different sources? Well, some products that are featured on my site, are available on Amazon but not on iHerb, and vice versa.

We have personally picked only the best and cheapest solutions for you to buy stevia online, without compromising product quality. We feel that it's our duty to offer you only the best stevia brands, at the best price possible, and after thoroughly researching the options, we found that iHerb's prices cannot be beaten. The products on offer there are way cheaper than in health stores. Additionally, if you click on any of the links on our site that go directly to, you will receive a $5 discount on your first purchase! It will be automatically deducted from your order on the check-out page.

You will see that just a little bit of stevia goes a long way, and that it's not expensive at all, escpecially considering the amount of sugar you will be replacing. Think of buying stevia as an investment in the future, not just for your wallet, but more importantly, for your health as well! Once you have your stevia products in hand, it's time to head over to the recipes pages for some experimenting. Good luck!

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