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by Chek Jalil Samion
(Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia)

I have a diabetic problem and is on drug metformin daily. I did a blood test and the result is 7.9mmol/L (Fasting Glucose Level). Doctor advices me to avoid sugar & sweeteners in my drink or food and recommends me to take stevia sweetener in replacement of table sugar in my drinks. I am bit worried, as I'm on daily dosage of metformin pills. My question: is stevia sweetner safe for diabetic person like me?


Hi there!

Well, in my opinion, of course stevia is safe. And if your doctor says it's safe for you to use, it probably is ;-)

The best advice I can give you, is to talk to your doctor again and see how you can use stevia in combination with your pills. I don't think you should be worried: normally no doctor will tell you to stop taking your medication altogether, at least not right away!

He will probably tell you that you can replace a bit of your dosage with stevia and see how it goes. Yes, the eventual end goal for you is to rely on as little medication as possible and more natural alternatives while still maintaining your health level. But you have to build this up gradually.

I think you should set up a diet plan together with your physician, and keep checking in with him on a regular basis.

Good luck, and be sure to come back later and tell us about the progress you have made!


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