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Stevia In The Raw

jam and ice cream with stevia!

by Gaylene
(Tipton, Iowa USA)

yes I am Diabetic and yes I have switched to Stevia. I found your site while searching for recipies for jam using Stevia.

I find your information informative and intend to read much more on the subject. In fact I see you have information on making ice cream, yippie!

One of the hardest things about being diabetic is the fact that I have had a lifetime of loving certain foods and now I feel robbed somehow because of needing to reduce or give up so much.

I have always been a big veggie and fruit person so those won't change. It's the extras.


Dear Gaylene,

Thank you for your kind response. There is no need to give up on sweetness at all, on the contrary! And don't worry, stevia will definitely help with your cravings, too!

Have a look around the site, and you'll see why stevia is probably the ideal solution for you. Good luck on your quest! ;-)


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