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Stevia In The Raw

Mainstream supermarkets

by Brian
(Canaan, Maine, USA)

I recently began using stevia and am slowly learning how to use it to replace sugar in my diet.

One small success story I can tell is the use of it as a sweetener for home made apple juice from very tart apples from wild apple trees. These are trees around my property that I keep for their beauty and many ways they feed and support wildlife.

Some yrs they produce lots of apples that are thick skinned and very tart and basically inedible. I have a juicer and tried juicing these apples and the juice is very tasty if sweetened.

It turns out that stevia sweetens the juice very nicely and I have come to prefer this "cider" over orchard bought. It is free for the taking, organic, and has its own unique flavor.

The only danger of stevia is to the sugar economy and it is a huge economy so it is not hard to understand how that much money has managed to squash the common use of stevia.

It is showing up in supermarkets in my area in more and more forms. The FDA must hve given it the green light. I have only used the liquid version so far as it is easy to put in coffee, etc.

I live in central Maine and my neighbor told me that he has grown it in his garden and that it grew well and was not a problem to grow.

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