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Stevia In The Raw

Mrs Knowitall

by Robyn York
(The Far North, NZ)

4.19am in the morning and I am perpelled to come online and find out more about the benefits of Stevia, hence me finding this page.....

I am overweight, a sugar freak/nut and last visit to the doctor saw myself as a bordering Diabetic, but they said to treat myself as one, and so I do, as there are times for no reason and out of the blue I start shaking and continue until I put something in my mouth to stop it.

But my search is more for my husband of 40+ years with kidneys leaking protein, who has had enough of Doctors pills, my Juices and Home Remedies, and just wants plain food especially STEAK, and to go to work every day.....

His health is going down hill fast and I prepare myself for that time no one wants to speak about, because he refuses to see the doctors, nurses etc etc.

Today I see a glimmer of hope now that I read Stevia has no side effects. The first green smoothie I gave him, if looks could kill I would have been dead, although he told me how sour it was with the ugly look, hehehe. I drank the smoothie instead and I am still here.

The second one I gave him had fresh Stevia in, with his taste approval. After that drink I explained where and how I got the plant, and he said I'd better get a couple more, to plant in his gardens, which was done yesterday.

What amazes me is the leaves are quite small inyet 5 small leaves can sweeten our drink making it very paletable....thank you Stevia and I look forward to you helping my husband and I heal our wonderful hard working bodies.............


Thanks so much for your inspiring story, Robyn! Please keep us informed on how you're getting along!

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