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What is your favorite stevia brand?
Pick one:
Stevia In The Raw

My opinon on sweeteners

by Butterflymom

Here's my opinion. I hate aspartame due to having adverse reactions from it. I will not touch the stuff. As far as Splenda goes, I tried it for a while to lose weight and felt even more bloated and grose and all I craved was Splenda.

I was addicted to the stuff, so I gave that up. Then there's Stevia and it so far has been the best for losing weight.

It takes a little figuring out when I bake with it, but it doesn't seem to bother my stomach, or make me more hungry for sugar.

It definitely takes the sweet itch away for me without making me crave only sweets, which is what Splenda did for me. My favorite baking blend would be Stevia in the Raw.

And my favorite coffee favoring would be the sweet leaf drops. I also like the Nu Naturals. Glad I stumbled on this site, good information.

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