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Stevia In The Raw

My Stevia Muffins

by Norman Laws
(N.S.W. Australia)

I am a male aged 68yrs and after a regular medical checkup at mt local G.P's which included a blood test he looked at me very sternly and announced that my blood glucose level had gone up for the first time in my life ,to my knowledge anyway.It was 5.5. So I have decided to do something about it by reducing my sugar intake.

I have been using honey as a sugar substitute for about 35yrs anyway, but the doctor says this is glucose as well. So after Googling for a substitute I found Stevia.It is an aquired taste but i am now used to it.

My downfall has been I have allways been a lover of cakes, biscuits & chocolate. Now I have come up with a replacement. It is Blueberry Muffins with Stevia.They are delicious and can be eaten fresh or kept in the freezer to be heated up in the microwave at a later date for 30 seconds. I am searching for more recipes. The plus side of giving up sugar products is I seem to feel better in myself and have more energy.

Sugar is a drug and has been pushed onto us for years with advertising aimed at children especially to get them hooked like I was. Sugar from sugar cane is a major industy in this country (Australia)and allways has been.

When you have multinational companies making squillions of dollars out of something it is allways going to be hard to reverse. Just like the petro-chemical industries and their lust for the mighty dollar when there have been many alternatives offered up over the years only to be rebuked. You know what they say "when good men do nothing".

Great site,keep up the good work...


NORM!!!! (sorry that was an awful pun, I know but I couldn't resist...)

Strangely enough, I never thought of the analogy with petro-chemicals before, but of course you are exactly right.

It's refreshing to see how many people are out there that are beginning to see the light. You are an inspiration to all of us! I have moved the recipes you have submitted to a separate post on the "Submit a recipe" page. Thanks for them, I will definitely try them out!


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Oct 16, 2015
reply NEW
by: Sona

This site is helping many of the diabetic patients out there by sharing on sugar free Stevia Muffins. I hope that this sugar free Stavia muffin can be used by the diabetic patients. Please share more about this. sell airline miles for cash

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