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Breaking the cycle between obesity and diabetes with stevia

Battling both obesity and diabetes requires a lot of effort, there's no use in denying that. But with the proper belief in yourself, and an unstoppable urge to change your life around, who's to say that you can't control the things that seem to be controlling you, armed with a diabetes control diet?

The days of diabetes mellitus being considered a disease for old people are long gone. Thanks to an ever-growing consumerism and children being fed sugar-laden food and drinks from a very young age, obesity and diabetes have become a great concern for every age group in modern society.

Science has proven that children of parents who are overweight or diabetic have a higher risk of developing the disease themselves, if their own weight and eating behavior is not carefully monitored. Besides that, there is also an increased risk of neurological damage, muscle and bone disorders, and a heightened risk of developing heart disease in the future. 

obesity and diabetesIf you develop beginning signs of diabetes or obesity at a younger age, there is a very big chance of getting stuck with the disease permanently as an adult.

It's important to cut fatty foods from your diet as much as possible, because they tend to cause the most harm to the heart and the vascular system. Remember the cycle we must break: people who are overweight become resistant to normal doses of insulin, which leads to the accumulation of body fat, which leads to more weight gain! Be sure to avoid sugar and alcohol, because they contain so-called "empty calories", meaning they don't provide the body with vitamins or minerals.

Don't despair if you have a sweet tooth though: there is light in the darkness for you! Diabetes and stevia are sworn enemies: some of the many benefits of stevia include:

  • the total absence of any kind of calories   
  • a score of zero on the glycemic index chart   
  • a way of naturally lowering blood pressure   
  • the suppression of cravings


Because it is stable in high temperatures, the sweet leaf can be easily incorporated into your favorite sugar free recipes. Be smart and safe though, and consult your physician or dietary specialist before altering your diet in any way if you're not entirely convinced.


Aside from the obvious dieting, it's also important for diabetics to exercise. There's no need to strain yourself: even if it's only walking for half an hour each day, you're burning fat reserves and reducing the amount of insulin your body needs to stay balanced. It goes without saying though that more is better!

If you're interested in picking up a subscription to your local gym, or you just want to work out at home, there are just a few fundamental principles of fitness training to consider. It's important to enjoy your workout, otherwise you'll have a hard time staying motivated.

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