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searching for the elusive gingersnap cookie with stevia

by teresa
(huntsville, ala u.s.a)

i have always been looking into changing my diet (limiting the sugar and salt because diabeties runs in my family) when about 1 or 2 years ago i found stevia.

it was only available in packets at that time and was high in cost, so i used it on drinks only. have been waiting for it to explode on the market (and because of stevia and the fda- i know why it has not yet done so.) i was very glad when two health food supermarkets opened in our town and boy, did that change the dynamics of our little health suppliers world.

i love having a little bottle of stevia in my purse (with the little spoon) to put into my teas or coffees when i'm out. i buy the larger containers for things at home.

i was actually looking for a sugar-free or sugar-less ginger snap cookie recipe and on my long and difficult search found your website. you rock.

i love the information i have read about so far.
i plan on trying to grow my own plants in the future.

i also really appreciate your ratings on stevia providers and those who 'use' the stevia name to camoflage (?spelling?) their non-natural sweetners.

will check back to see how your site has grown and see what other wonderful information i can learn.

thanks for putting this site up.


You're very welcome, Teresa! It's these kinds of comments that motivate me to continue to expand my website ;-)

Good luck on your future stevia adventures!


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