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SoBe Lifewater and PureVia: Pepsi's response to Truvia

With its new range of SoBe Lifewater beverages, Pepsi has officially responded to Coca Cola's Truvia based zero calorie soft drinks. Similarly, they have had to come up with a home-made version of Rebaudioside A that allows for patenting, and slapped a pretty name on it: PureVia.


As you know by now, natural sweeteners themselves cannot be patented, so the stevia extract is blended with erythritol, just like in Truvia. This means the product can cause gastro-intestinal discomfort in those who are sensitive to sugar alcohols

Looks like Reb A is gradually winning the battle with its older brother stevioside, which as experience has taught us, may leave somewhat of a bitter aftertaste that not everyone is fond of. My guess is that most of the stevia-based products to come out in the future, will contain Reb A.


The next generation of SoBe Lifewater is presented in a snazzy twirly bottle and currently comes in an astonishing array of no less than 14 different flavors. You can vote for upcoming tastes on the website which creates the fun illusion that the customers have a say about which products appear on the market. But it remains to be seen how many of these flavors will stand the test of time.


sobe lifewaterIf we take a closer look at the ingredients, we notice a lot of additives, all of which the company claims are 100% natural, but are modified food starch and xanthan gum really necessary to create a satisfying flavor? 

Like most mass-produced products, please take all the sales pitches about how the product is healthy for you, with a grain of salt - or in this particular case, Reb A!

Anyway, it's not all bad. There are of course much worse options out there for you to pour into your digestive system. Admittedly, the varieties all taste good. Despite the promising looks, they add little to none to the wellness factor in your body, but maybe that's not what you were looking for anyway. 

Maybe you were looking for a sweet tasting, low-calorie beverage to drink in moderate amounts. Then there's absolutely nothing wrong with a bottle of SoBe Lifewater once in a while when strolling down South Beach.

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