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Stevia In The Raw

Stevia - A Safe delicious Healthy Alternative to Sugar !

by Grace-Shanti F.
(New South Wales, Australia)

When we use Stevia that is pure yes, here in Australia as Stevia is becoming popular, there are companies that are producing Stevia that is not pure. the benefits are obvious and many.

When I was a new born babe, my Mother was told to feed me the 'popular formula' then which was... wait for it Condensed Milk. It was, of course :-), watered down. Do I have a Sugar Addiction? sure do! Have I had this Addiction all my life? sure have!

Having had cancer several years ago - the information that Cancer cells feed off sugar was a wonderful incentive to become Sugar-free. As I LOVE chocolate, it is a matter of Sheer Will Power. In the last 6 months I have been experimenting using STEVIA when I really do require sweetness. This is leading me exciting places with Baking Biscuits cookies and cakes sugar-free. And I am about to embark on Stevia Kumquat Jam! [its summer here :-) and my Chemical-Free Kumquats are delicious!

I tell anyone and everyone who wants to listen about Stevia, especially those people I know who use LOTS of sugar in their hot drinks.

p.s. Of course Government Agencies try to manipulate the populous when it comes to Health. While the Pharmaceutical Companies continue to have such a hold on the Medical Profession world-wide and this 'Legal Drug' Industry can make Multi-Billions, this will continue to take place. We the consumer always have choice and it is our Birthright to make the choice between Drugs and Holistic Healing. I have Healed Cancer using self-treatment by radically changing my diet and my life-style. And importantly LISTENING to my body. It takes alot of Research, being well informed and Following our own bodies' wisdom. :-) Each one of us IS the ultimate Authority on our own body. No other Specialist of Medicine or Health Practitioner knows our body like we do, WHEN we choose to take responsibility for our own Natural State of Well Being. Professionally trained Holistic or Medical Practitioners are here to support us, not dictate how we need to treat ANY illness. :-)

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