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Stevia In The Raw

Stevia Carob Mint Soda

by Susan Schenck
(San Diego, CA)

Stevia Carob Mint Soda

Stevia Carob Mint Soda

Stevia Carob Mint Soda (recipe courtesy of Susan Schenck; from The Live Food Factor book)

* 1 cup nut or seed milk (see recipe below)
* 1 T unheated honey or ½ T stevia extract (liquid)
* 2 T raw carob powder
* ½ capful peppermint extract

Blend in Blend-Tec or Vita-Mix until it is foamy like a soda. Serves 1.

Seed Milk

* 1 cup seeds (sesame seeds are especially good)
* 6 cups water

If you are using sesame seeds, be sure to get the unhulled kind, as they are richer in calcium. Mix seeds with water in Blend-Tec or Vita-Mix or use the nonheating option of the Soyajoy machine. If you use the Blend-Tec or Vita-Mix, liquefy the seeds. Then strain the liquid with a cheesecloth if you prefer a thinner consistency. (A Soyajoy has a built-in strainer.) Use the pulp to make ice cream (see “Desserts”), or use the pulp to make spinach dip (see “Appetizers & Dips”). The milk keeps for three days. Makes about 6 servings.

Nut Milk

* 1 cup nuts of choice
* 6 cups water

Liquefy the nuts and water completely as for seed milk. No cheesecloth straining is necessary when nuts are used. Of course if nut butters are on hand, they may be used to make nut milks, in which case, less liquefying time is required. The milk keeps for three days. Makes about 6 servings.

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