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What is your favorite stevia brand?
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Stevia In The Raw


by Paulette

In order to get my health back I decided I had to do whatever it takes. So I went completely off sugar as much as possible. I use only Stevia for sweetening my coffee, etc. Just because of this one step I have lost 19 lbs.

No more soda, no more cookies or cakes or pastries, etc. Once off the sugar those cravings disappear and if you eat anything sweet it really does not taste good any longer.

You wonder why there is a diabetes epidemic and other diseases, it is because of the food we are eating. I have gone organic as much as I can possibly afford and it has made a huge difference in how I feel. And it is not an impossible task. It should be the way we all eat.

The FDA I believe kept Stevia off the market because they know that it is not harmful and a good product. I'm seeing more and more of this such as the big supermarkets selling inferior products and charging big money for them when in fact they know what they're doing.

All of the big monopolies such as Big Pharma and the FDA and big supermarkets are all, I believe, involved in false advertising and completely wrong information to the consumer. They protect each other rather than protecting the consumer.

I have read a lot about artificial sweeteners and the only one that is truly safe and the best tasting is Stevia. Don't buy into the hype for artificial sweeteners such as Splenda, etc. Do you really want to use a product that contains chlorine?

You have to read labels and learn what ingredients are harmful and which are safe.
Buying organic is the best thing you can do for yourself and others. We need to support our farmers more than ever and protect our food.


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Aug 31, 2015
Umair Khan NEW
by: Anonymous

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Mar 06, 2012
100% the truth
by: Bruno Boghe

Yes you are right, some powerful people want us to eat sugar and artificial sweetners, because they are bad for us, I too only use stevia now and it tastes very well and it takes care of my diabetes as well, let us hope that there will be more food and candy made with stevia, it will help to keep our kids safe from unpleasant surprises in their future lives.
Bruno Boghe

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