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Stevia In The Raw

Stevia soft drink

by Bruno Boghe

Hi I`m Bruno From Belgium, i have been drinking Stevia Sweetened lemonade now for about 6 weeks, it`s just been on the market in Belgium and it`s only produced by one firm so far, but the lemonade is great!

It is called Stepa the firm who makes the lemonade is called Cristal Monopole, the have Stepa Lemon , Stepa Chito (this is lime with mint) and Stepa orange all are very good tasting and even my kids love it so much that they don`t want to drink anymore sugar sweetened lemonade.

We all love it and we would like to see a cola starting to brew stevia cola as well. In Belgium Coca Cola is testing some soft drinks, but for what i heard they don`t want to sweeten the coca cola with it because they say they have already regular cola cola light and cola zero last two are sweetened with aspartame, and they taste bad i never drunk it with great taste, only because i had to because i have diabetes type 2.

Now i`m hoping that Pepsi is going to bring a nice Pepsi Cola on the marked that is sweetened with Stevia it would be so great.

To all those who have doubts about stevia made soft drinks i say, try it and you`l see it is very nice and it will keep your children and yourself healthy.

Yesterday i was out with my wife and we where thirsty , so we went to a pup and i ordered a coca cola regular, i did not drink it anymore for over 6 weeks, i just to like it a lot, drinking like 4 liter a day, well now i drunk not even a half glass of it and i left it on the table, telling my wife it tasted awful, and she agreed with it, it tasted so sweet and was so sticky after drinking stevia for only 6 weeks i could never go back to ordinary sweetened soft drinks.

And the kids finding stevia also better than any other soft drink, makes me happy, I can not wait to taste the first chocolate and candy sweetened with stevia

Bruno Boghe

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