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What is your favorite stevia brand?
Pick one:
Stevia In The Raw

stevia the good for you herb

I have used aspartame for years. It started as a way to lose weight. And it worked for a while. Then i noticed that i started getting hungry all the time for baked goods and whatever sugary substance i could find.

Well recently i was diagnosed with oral thrush. I have had 5 treatments of anti fungal meds. Not good. I have had to give up sugar and aspartame both. Yeast loves artificial sweetners and sugar.

So i started using stevia and xylitol: yeast hates both. I have never felt better in my life. No more being hungry all the time, no more brain fog. And my memory is getting better. I think they are afraid that if they put stevia on the market, the artificial sweetener companies will lose money.

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