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Sugar detox made easy with the stevia sweetener

There are several reasons why you’d want to undergo a sugar detox: maybe you feel you’re overweight and can’t seem to resist candy or sweet snacks. Maybe you feel like you’re feeling a distinct lack of energy, or you’re having difficulties trying to focus for longer periods of time. 

Maybe you’re starting to have more and more problems with your digestive system or you’re experiencing beginning signs of diabetes.


Whatever the reason you’re not feeling your best, there are definitely benefits to a sugar detox. It may constitute the first important step to achieving a general sense of well-being.

The smart way to detox is by carefully planning ahead. A good start is half the battle! The key ingredient (besides stevia, but we’ll deal with that later) to any type of successful detox, is showing character and perseverance. 

So see to it that you won’t be tempted by any sugary sweets in the house. Try not to have any of them around! 

Inform your family and closest friends that you’re attempting to kick the sugar habit, so they can make sure they don’t tempt you in any way to step over the boundaries you have set for yourself.

Decide on specific dates when you want to start and be done with your sugar cleanse and mark them on your calendar. It’s recommended that you detoxify from sugar gradually, to prevent from melting down and succumbing to your cravings. 

sugar detoxDon’t worry if you start to feel side effects like headaches or cramps during the first few days of your detox program. This is completely normal, as your body is used to an excess of sugar by now, and wrongly believes that it still needs all that sugar in order to survive. After a week or so, both your body and mind should have accepted to your new way of living.

Now that we’ve got the mindset right, let’s talk a bit about some other pitfalls of a sugar detox. The first thing people usually do when trying to rid sucrose from their lives, is to throw themselves onto so-called “diet” products. They think that in doing this, they’re sure to lose weight because there are no calories in artificial sweeteners, right? Well yes, but you’re not reading between the lines!


First of all, the dangers of aspartame, sucralose, and other sweeteners lie in the fact that they mess with your blood sugar levels and trick the body into thinking that eating sweet foods is okay, causing your body lose its subconscious ability to “count carbs”. The idea of consuming carbohydrates is detached from eating sweet foods.


Aside from that, they make your liver work harder: breaking up artificial sweeteners in the body drains a lot of energy from the liver, which will then have less energy left to spend on fat burning and on your metabolism. This in turn leads to the accumulation of body fat and in fact promotes obesity, rather than supposedly countering it! Be careful what you’re doing, because the amount of food and drinks containing artificial sweeteners is always increasing. Check the package first before buying anything sweet!

Be sure to eat a lot of low-carb fruits (keeping the glycemic index of fruit in mind) because they contain healthy and natural sugars that your body needs in order to function properly. 

Take green juices/smoothies for example: they are very healing but could sometimes be rather unpalatable.  This is where you could add some stevia to make it taste good. It doesn't alter the healing virtue of the drink but rather it enhances the juice quality and taste. 

Sassy from The Vegan Coach has a Superfood Smoothie which contains healthy fruits along with other whole foods that provide you with supercharged nutrition.

Remember that stevia suppresses cravings, aside from adding sweetness to your life! It’s 100% natural and safe to use with your detox diet. With a healthy combination of stevia sweetener, fruits and vegetables, regular exercise and careful planning, your detoxification process should cause you a minimal amount of discomfort.

As a final note, please consult your doctor and/or dietician before making any kind of change to your eating patterns or your diet. Be healthy, the smart way!

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