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Sugar free cappuccino without an espresso machine

Sugar free cappuccino with stevia is easy to make. There are only a few ingredients to work with, and you can make it with or without an espresso machine.


Because most of us don’t have an expensive espresso maker at home, we’ll show you how to make a cappuccino without a machine without too much effort. But first, let’s take a look at the ingredients we will be needing.

Obviously, the most important ingredient is the coffee. Cappuccinos are made with espresso coffee. It’s best if you have a coffee bean grinder, because fresh coffee always tastes best. Don’t grind your coffee beans in advance and store the powder; grind them just before you plan on making your cappuccino. Try to use high quality beans, like Lavazza Tierra. When it comes to coffee, you get what you pay for

If you don’t have a coffee bean grinder, you can use (decaffeinated) gourmet espresso powder. To brew your coffee, always use bottled water and avoid using tap water, unless you have an espresso machine that comes with a water filter. Next: the milk...!


A real cappuccino is made with skimmed milk rather than whole milk, because it froths better. On top of that, low-fat milk is a good source of vitamin A. Be careful when you’re heating the milk: if you heat it for too long, it will scald and your cappuccino will taste horrible.


sugar free cappuccinoLast but not least, there’s the stevia! Although the traditional cappuccino recipe doesn’t call for sugar as an ingredient at all, most people still like a sweet touch to their coffee. Using our sugar to stevia conversion chart, you’ll see that 1 teaspoon of sugar equals about 3 drops of liquid stevia extract

Alternatively, you could just use a pinch of white stevia powder or add some stevia tablets, which are especially designed for us coffee lovers. You can of course also add a packet of your favorite stevia sweetener to the mix. It’s all about personal preference, so be sure to try out different things and tell us what you like best!

Okay, so how do we make our sugar free cappuccino with stevia? Let’s go over the different steps together. First, brew a pot of strong espresso coffee. While your coffee is brewing, fill a broad container with about 1/2 to 2/3 a cup of milk (this is for one serving). Put the container in the microwave for about 60 seconds, making sure the container doesn’t boil over. Take the heated milk out of the microwave and add your desired amount of stevia. 

Take a handheld mixer and blend the milk until it foams. Go up and down with your mixer in order to allow oxygen to mix with the milk; this will greatly benefit the taste of your cappuccino. Lastly, pour your coffee into a cup until it is about 60% full. Then pour the heated milk on top of the coffee until the cup is completely full. 

Congratulations on making a cappuccino without an espresso machine! We hope you'll enjoy your new sugar free stevia delight!

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