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Achieving a sugar free diet for better wellness

Implementing a sugar free diet into your life, although challenging, is certainly feasible. After all, we know that one of the many benefits of stevia is that the sweet leaf plant suppresses cravings, which will make it an essential part of your diet plan.


After all, next to the many side effects of sugar on your body, glucose is also addictive, making it hard to shake. Not only do we crave the sweetness of taste, but also the calories that come with it. 

sugar free dietThat is why stevia has such a big advantage over other artificial sweeteners, that still make you feel the urge to snack.

Moving on, there's a lot of myths around the safety of fruit for diabetics. Remember that high-fiber fruits contain natural sugars, something your body needs in order to diet in a smart and healthy way!

It's true though that some fruit types are better suited than others. First of all, there's the glycemic index, which shows at what rate glucose is extracted from your food and transferred to your bloodstream. Try to stick to fruits with a GI below 55. 

It's also important to keep in mind the amount of carbohydrates in the fruit you eat. Important: as a general rule, stray away from dried fruits, like dates and from canned fruits which contain a lot of sugar. Also avoid fruit juices that contain extra sugar, and at all times be wary when the box claims that it contains no added sugars. Whenever you can, squeeze your own juice! Alright, let's have a look at which fruits are healthier than others.

GI Fruit Net carbohydrates
42 Peach 7.8g per piece
46 Grapes 8.5g per 10 pieces
57 Apricot 3.2g per piece
52 Kiwi Fruit 8.7g per piece
22 Cherries 9.5g per 10 pieces
25 Grapefruit 9.5g per half piece
40 Strawberries 9.5g per cup
44 Orange 12.3g per piece
39 Apple 15.8g per piece
37 Pear 15.9g per piece
54 Banana 23.9g per piece
59 Papaya 24.3g per piece
72 Watermelon 10.9g per cup
66 Pineapple 17.6g per cup
56 Mango 31.3g per piece
103 Dates 28.7g per 5 pieces
64 Raisins 109.6g per cup

Granted, it takes a lot of effort cutting sugar from your lifestyle. Sucrose can be found in so many products nowadays that it may seem like a real chore to avoid it. And artificial sugar substitutes are far from an ideal option. The optimal route is through grandma's advice: eat your fruits and vegetables! Eat a variety of meat and fish. Cook your own food - this includes snacks! - instead of randomly buying stuff at the supermarket. 

The good news is, most people who start out on a sugar free diet report an increased feeling of wellness after just a day or two! With the right diet plan, and the right exercise, you will feel more vibrant than you ever did before, with almost immediate results.

If you find that you’re still having a hard time with your sugar free diet, maybe you could try some inspirational quotes and thoughts to provide you with the motivation you’re seeking. Don't waste any more time, and get stuck on only the best sugar free recipes!

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