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Becoming sugar free with sweet leaf stevia

For many people, becoming sugar free isn't just a choice, it's a necessity. Whether they're diabetic or just looking to lose weight, their journey often starts by eliminating sugar from their eating habits as soon and as much as possible.


This is because white gold has some obvious short and long term unwanted side effects. No wonder people are starting to rely more and more on a sugar detox to get rid of their addiction and to pave the way to a healthier lifestyle!

Sugar is addictive, and it causes cravings. It's embedded in so many products that it may seem like a chore to constantly be on the lookout for food and drinks without sugar. For many years, people have been eating and drinking sugar without worrying about the consequences. 

For example, did you know that candida infections are a major consequence of consuming too much sugar, and that they compromise the health of millions of people each year? Or have you considered the connection between sugar and high blood pressure? It`s just one more reason to eliminate sugar from your diet.

The Glycemic Index (also known as "GI") has grown in popularity in recent years. It is a ranking of foods on how they affect blood glucose levels and one of the most fundamental medical findings with implications in health, weight loss, fitness and disease management. Basically, everything that scores above 50 on the glycemic index is considered bad for diabetics. Sugar scores 65...

Then, in the 1980's, a new player called aspartame arrived on scene that boasted a glycemic index of zero, and we all jumped on the bandwagon with our eyes closed once again. In recent years, the dangers of artificial sweeteners have been the topic of heated discussions, with many people finding relief in banning particular types of sweeteners from their daily menu.

Obesity rates have skyrocketed worldwide in the past decade, with as much as 1/3 of the American adult population being considered obese. In children, that number is almost 1/5. Two out of three are overweight. But we are slowly starting to see light in the darkness... 

A new era brings along new discoveries and opportunities. People are tired of being lied to and feeling sick. They're increasingly turning to natural alternatives for answers, as sweet leaf stevia slowly starts filling the shelves, boasting a total lack of calories and - most importantly - suppressing cravings.


Just because you're trying to eliminate sugar from your diet, doesn't mean you have to give up on sweetness! On the contrary: stevia's glycosides are approximately 200 times sweeter than plain sucrose, so only a small amount of them is needed to sweeten up your life in a healthy way! So don't give up on your sweet tooth just yet!


sugar freeAlso remember that natural sugars, found in fruits, are okay because you need them in order to balance out your sugar free diet.

My advice to you is to use all-natural ingredients. Sure, you can buy stevia based products off the shelves, like Truvia. But the healthiest path lies in the consumption of pure home-grown stevia, without additives. And remember to have fun with it! Cooking your own food should be considered fun, not tedious. 

And with more and more companies disguising sugar as another ingredient on their packaging (keep your eyes open at all times!), it's the only way to ensure a sugar free lifestyle and a happy face!

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