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Stevia In The Raw

When & How I Found Stevia And How Much I Could Do With It

by Frances Shofner
(Beaumont, TX USA)

I came across a book in a book store called "The Wild Vegetarian Cookbook" by "Wildman" Steve Brill. His story was that he was penniless and surviving on weeds he pulled up in Central Park in New York City. He was caught by park guards and immediately arrested for trespassing. (Common sense would make someone think pulling weeds would be doing the park service a favor; but NO.)

An alert newspaper reporter did have sense, and wrote a very eloquent and well publicized story. The outcome was that: "Wildman" became a cause celebre; ended up with a job pulling weeds in the park; continued to cook them for food; ended up writing a book filled with his receipes and all his culinary knowledge acquired over the years from all over the world. I bought the book; read it from cover to cover; realized most people COULD-if they had a small yard- save a fortune on grocery bills, by just using what they had been trying to KILL in their yards!

"Wildman" had mentioned Stevia often as a much sweeter and healthier substitute for sugar that had been used in other countries for thousands of years, with no apparent harm; but was not known or approved in this country as a "food". He did mention that some Health Food Stores might carry it. I did go straight to one and found the powder! I have used it ever since; and LOVED it! That was in 2002. I have not known until just now, how or even IF, stevia could be used in cooking, and if So what were equivalent amounts.

That's when I found your webbsite by seeing it right there on my bottle of Stevia!
It' hard to believe it took me TEN years to get to this point, but I guess there were roadblocks along the way. I will remember this webbsite now and can't wait to cook something GOOD!

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