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Yerba mate benefits and making mate with stevia

Just like stevia, there are many ways in which yerba mate benefits your health. The plant contains a lot of minerals and antioxidants, and is known to encourage relaxation and lower cholesterol. South American natives have been using yerba maté for generations, to make their infamous “mate”.


There is a lot of confusion surrounding the meaning of both terms, so let’s clear it up for you one more time: yerba mate is the plant used to make the herbal tea called mate. Before we show you how you can brew your own mate, let’s have a look at what we need, and what are the customary rituals when enjoying mate in a group. 

First of all, you need some ground organic yerba, which you can buy online. Mate is drunk from a gourd which traditionally, is the hollowed out and dried fruit of the Lagenaria Vulgaris plant. However, you can purchase gourds in all sorts of materials like steel, wood and leather. It’s important that you clean your gourd properly before and after every use. 

For drinking the tea, a silver or wooden straw called a bombilla (pronounced bom-bee-jah) is used, which acts as both a straw and a sieve that prevents the drinker from taking in the ground yerba. The last ingredients are water (both hot and cold, but we’ll get to that in a minute), and of course some freshly ground stevia herb to sweeten your beverage.

yerba maté benefitsIn South America, where yerba mate benefits were first discovered, there are a few rituals involved when drinking mate in a group setting. 

One person takes the role of cebador or server. He prepares the mate, takes the first drink, then refills the gourd and passes it on to the next drinker, who in his or her turn drinks the second filling and then passes the gourd back to the cebador. 

This process repeats itself for about ten fillings (depending on the quality of the yerba), until all the taste has gone out of the yerba. When, as a drinker, you’ve had enough, simply thank the cebador when passing him the gourd. You will then not be offered any more mate.


Now that you’re up to speed with yerba mate benefits, the necessary tools and the customs, it’s time to show you how to brew your own mate with stevia. Follow these easy steps, and your tea will be a winner!


 Instructions for brewing mate with stevia:

  • Cover the opening of the gourd with your hand, and with your other hand turn the gourd upside down and shake thoroughly. This separates the powdery leaves from the big leaves, leaving the latter at the bottom.
  • Tilt the gourd so that all the herbs are on one side, and there is a hollow space on the other side
  • Carefully tilt the gourd upright again, making sure that the herbs stay in place. Pour cold or lukewarm water into the gap but not all the way to the top. Be careful not to moisten the top of the leaf pile. Let sit for a few minutes until the water is absorbed.
  • Put your thumb over the mouth of the bombilla and insert the filtered end into the gap until it touches the bottom. Pour hot (but not boiling) water into the gap – again, not all the way to the top. Drink from the bombilla until all the water is gone from the gourd, then refill it and pass it on to the next drinker.
  • After a number of fillings (usually 7 to 10, according to the quality of the yerba) the mate will start to taste flat. Drinking time is over! Clean out the gourd and let it dry before using it again.


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