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About zevia, the pioneer of stevia flavored sodas

Zevia is a soft drink that was first introduced in 2008, when stevia received its GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) status from the Food and Drug Administration.


The soda company has its headquarters in Seattle, Washington, and is run by Derek and Jessica Newman, and Ian Eisenberg. The "first all natural zero calorie soda" as the company describes it, is now available for sale online or in your local healthy food stores in the USA. Currently it is still small-scaled though, so unfortunately you can't get it in Europe or the rest of the world yet.

Currently, there are numerous flavors of the soda on the market, with new ones added each year, as the company grows. All of these drinks contain Reb A (97% concentrated), erythritol, and other natural ingredients. The Cola and Dr. Zevia varieties are the only caffeinated family members.


A list of all the available flavors:

A nice fact is that these sodas are naturally flavored and do not contain any colors or artificial sweeteners such as aspartame, sucralose or saccharin, which we all know can cause cravings and other unwanted side effects. Thanks to the benefits of stevia, Zevia is not only calorie free, but has a glycemic index of zero and contains no fat. This makes the soft drink perfect for diabetics and those looking to lose weight. People who are sensitive to polyols should note that erythritol is among the ingredients.


Since its release onto the American market, the seven variations have gained a lot of popularity. Both the media and consumers are raving about the products and the manufacturer can boast a 600% increase in profits in just a year's time, making Zevia the number one bestselling natural beverage in the United States.


I'm curious about your thoughts on Zevia, especially in comparison with Coca Cola's Truvia and Pepsi's PureVia! Let me know using the form below about your experiences with the up and coming all-natural soda brand.

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